Reach Clients with Paid Media

At Growthack, we employ an effective paid media marketing strategy developed and fine-tuned to your specific business goals to boost your brand's awareness, whip up quality leads, and increase conversions with the best possible ROI.

Why Paid Media?

Organic media though effective, can take a while to build traffic. Paid Media Marketing using tools such as Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC Services), Social media Ads, and Ad-retargeting can help you dramatically increase your reach in a very short period. Our Digital media marketing services help you get your brand out there now, target a specific audience, tweak your ad campaign to high-volume keywords, and re-target consumers.

Paid Media Strategy and Planning

As a Paid media agency, we at Growthack do not believe in a level playing field. Our immensely talented team leaves no stone unturned to help you one-up your competition. We follow a deceivingly simple yet effective 6-step plan to launch you toward achieving your business goals.



The all-important stage of the process. A sit-down to comprehend your vision for the brand or business will help us devise a smart and effective Paid media marketing strategy to help you attain that goal. Once we have an idea of your budget, we start strategizing on how to utilize it effectively to ensure your paid campaign churns out the best results in all aspects.


Platform Selection

The success of an ad campaign hinges on using the right platform to help you achieve your goals. We do an exhaustive analysis of your competition and target audience and then decide on which platform to run your ad campaign.


Compelling Ad Copy

Our exceptional team creates captivating ads that compel your target audience to interact with them. Thus resulting in higher Click-through-rates (CTR) with the best possible ROI.



After a thorough research phase, our team of experts determines the precise keywords to target to gain the most out of your ad campaign. With a simultaneous focus on ensuring you do not lose money on irrelevant clicks from a random audience.


Landing Page Optimization

Getting your target audience to interact with your ads is only half the battle. We create or optimize your ads' existing landing pages to ensure that your target audience falls through the sales funnel, resulting in increased conversions.


Analyze, Optimize and Report

We analyze every ad campaign with a fine toothcomb and tweak the ads and the landing page based on the current performance. We believe in complete transparency and send you periodic reports to see that your money is being well spent.

Challenges We Solve

Growthack's top-notch team at our SEM division goes the extra mile to squeeze out every optimizing opportunity to give you quality leads with the best industry practices for our Paid media services. We guarantee high-quality traffic and improved brand awareness and visibility.

Adopt the Right Platform

Identifying the right platform for your specific business goals is key to getting you to the top of your niche. Each platform caters to a particular type of audience. We focus on the ones that will give you the best possible results for maximum conversions.

Drive Genuine Leads

Our Paid advertising services ensure you do not lose money on irrelevant clicks. We do extensive keyword research beforehand to ensure that your ads get in front of the right audience. We advertise across multiple platforms best suited to your goals to generate genuine leads.

Highest Conversion Leads

With years of experience under our belt, our Paid media services guarantee an increased Click-through-ratio. We specifically target and re-target a precise audience actively looking for solutions your business provides, thereby dramatically increasing conversions.

Improved Web Traffic and Clicks

We take cognizance of your business goals and provide bespoke Paid marketing services to improve visibility in search results, thus increasing your brand's awareness and your website's Click-through-rates.

Reduced Cost per Acquisition

With our bespoke ad campaigns that are constantly monitored and optimized, we ensure that your CPA remains as low as possible, giving you the best bang for your buck.

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