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Looking to create an effective online presence? At Growthack, we crank out content, get it in front of your customers, and extract maximum value when they convert. Contact us to generate leads, push sales and "hack" your marketing.

Traditional Marketing is now a thing of the past. Customers no longer fall for interruptive ads that aim to push products onto them. Today, customers prefer getting to know the brand, what it stands for, and how are they different from its competition. Enter- Content marketing. Here at Growthack, we strive to understand your brand's vision and goals and develop data-driven and analytical content management solutions to increase brand awareness, build trust with your clientele, and increase sales. We are rated one of the top Content marketing companies in the country, with over 15 years of experience under our belt.

The Growthack Way

As a Content marketing company, our main focus is to develop a bespoke 5-pronged Content marketing strategy that amplifies your brand awareness, generates organic, high-quality leads, builds trust, and, in turn, increases conversions. This is how we go about it:

Existing Content Audit and Optimization

Step one is to perform a content audit. The primary goal here is to catalogue and analyze all existing content. This gives us a high-level understanding of what we are working with in terms of performance, strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities. Then we work to optimize the existing content.

Content Cluster Creation

Next, we work on Content clustering, which involves the creation of a pillar page and a series of supporting articles to make the site more authoritative in Google's eyes. This strategy helps you build authority with multiple traffic streams from different types of web users. This process aims to create an audience profile that can be used as the basis for your marketing strategy.

Digital PR

We use Digital PR, a strategic way to increase a brand's online presence, which can help you get more traffic to your website and subscribers on your email list. We achieve this using SEO content marketing and Blog content Marketing, which also helps improve your website's ranking and search engine visibility.

Content Promotion

Once we have optimized your existing content and created new ones, we will use various marketing techniques to promote your owned media content across the web through a combination of paid and organic distribution methods. This will ensure that your content receives valuable backlinks, resulting in increased traffic to your website and leads.

Influencer Marketing

We help you get in touch and collaborate with influencers with great reach in your niche to help roll out your marketing campaigns and build long-term partnerships.

Steps to build a winning content marketing sales funnel

Growthack is a trusted digital media agency offering the full range of services that can enhance your brand’s online presence.
With our effective digital marketing strategies, you can propel your business to the next level.


The first stage, referred to as the Top-of-the-funnel, captures your audience's attention. The focus of the content here is to educate the audience about your brand and what solutions you provide to leave a good and lasting impression on them. Blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, and infographics can help you achieve this.


The evaluation phase or Middle-of-the-funnel is the phase where a potential customer is debating whether they need your product or service. The content here is focused on building trust and demonstrating why the customer should choose you over your competition. You can achieve this using case studies, White papers, downloadable resources, and webinars.


At this stage, your customer has reached the Bottom-of-the-funnel. Your customer knows what your brand is all about and what you offer. The content is now focused on convincing the customer to make that purchase. This could be achieved by comparing similar products to highlight why your service or product is better.

Delight :

Technically not a part of the traditional marketing funnel; this is an additional step to keep your customers engaged post the conversion stage. The content here is focused on encouraging customers to share their feedback on your product or service, reward them with promotions or give them an incentive to refer you in their circles.

Here is why content marketing is powerful

Growthack is a distinguished Content Marketing agency dedicated to improving your brand's online presence. We strive to take your business to the next level by employing a wide range of Content marketing services, perfecting over 200 projects over the past 15 years.

  • Content marketing introduces your brand to prospective customers and helps gain their trust by giving them an insight into what your brand stands for and what it offers.
  • A good content marketing solution will help boost your SEO and traffic.
  • It will help to expand your brand awareness and establish authority and trust.
  • It will support and guide your customers at every stage of the content marketing funnel resulting in an increased conversion rate.
  • Significantly lower investment when compared to traditional marketing methodologies with a higher long-term Return on Investment.

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Growthack is a trusted digital media agency offering the full range of services that can enhance your brand’s online presence. With our effective digital marketing strategies, you can propel your business to the next level.